*Virtual classes will continue until June 5. We are transitioning to in person classes.
On Demand Obsession library will always be available. May 28, May 29, & June 1-5 are your last chances to take virtual classes with me! #sweatforacause goes towards local animal rescue 

Want to snag a recording for an upcoming class? Sign up the same way you would for a live class and anyone who doesn't join live will automatically receive the recording link. In the event nobody joins live, a previously recorded class in the same style will be sent.

*** Due to travel & entertainment opportunities increasing, certain classes may be cancelled.
Please check below to see changes for upcoming weeks! 


12:00 PM - PST

 45 minute resistance band workout. Class is similarly structured to Magnetic Motion. There will be high and low impact plyo options incorporating a resistance band. Total body BANDED toning using a circle resistance band will get your sweat pouring and booty lifting!


12:00 PM - PST

30 minute core + lower body class. Mainly focusing on the gluteus muscle group, hamstrings, & core. Get ready to tighten and lift those peaches while strengthening abs!

12:45 PM PST

30 minute upper body + core toning. Strengthen your muscles, work on muscular stamina, and improve stability & muscle longevity with this half hour core, back, and arm workout.

No class 5/10 


12:00 pm - PST

45 minute trampoline workout. Every week will follow a different structure alternating between a stamina focused class or a calorie torcher class. Either way, expect a little bit of dance, toning, and boot camp fire! Great for lymphatic drainage & for a shock absorbent impact.


12:00 PM - PST

30 minute speed cardio incoporating cardio dance, aerobics, hiit, and low impact cardio options. Class will always end with a quick abdominal workout!


Ballet Fit 5/14, 5/28 ; Sculpt 5/21, 6/04

12:00 PM - PST

60 minute total body, isometric toning. Utilize sculpt elements from all BOF classes & work on lengthening, injury prevention, & muscular stamina. This class is no impact and safe for most injuries.

12:00 PM - PST

 60 minute low impact full body toning session based off the lotte berke method of barre fitness combined with ballet barre. No dance experience needed. Great for creating joint stability, lengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, & burning maximum amount of calories.


10:00 AM - PST

45 minute plyometric warm up + full body toning. While there is HIIT involved, there are low impact options. A great way to get maximum caloric burn in a short amount of time. Always guaranteed to leave feeling rejuvenated!