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A virtual & in person workout experience, curated to meet wellness goals with vibrance. Laugh and grow confidence, while improving health from the inside out. Having a workout party is possible every single day of your fitness journey! Get non stop energy and deep hearted connection when you take a class, privately train, or attend a Be Obsessed Fitness event with Bridget. Your abs will be sore from all the planks and all the laughs!


Partial proceeds of online services go towards equality, racial justice, & humanitarian causes.

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About the creator.

Bridget Scheiner first found her love for fitness while rehabilitating injuries. She realized the importance of fitness for injury prevention, heart health, and full body conditioning. While earning her BA in Dance, Bridget took extensive kinesiology, anatomy, and nutrition.  She has since dedicated her free time to being a fitness instructor and personal trainer to people of all ages and all activity levels. She personally trains clients & advocates health, confidence, and body positivity through movement. Outside of Bridget's fortes, she cross trains in pilates, yoga, boxing, running, & swimming. Combining, fitness with ballet to help people achieve their goals, is what has made Be Obsessed Fitness a success! She has taught at multiple studios in LA, Pittsburgh, & Houston, and is currently an online instructor for Barreworks Studio. She is a celebrity fitness trainer in the LA area & loves working with people to feel their best from the inside out. If you are searching to train with someone who is going to be a little wild, make you sweaty, incorporate some laughter, and convince you fitness is fun, then Bridget is the one!